Understanding South Africa


“Open Dialogue is an online platform created with everyday South African citizens in mind. Providing them with a space to give opinions, insights and feedback on products and services that affect their daily lives, we seek to uncover the impact these have on their socio-economic wellbeing and status. By opening discussion on topics like Finance, Education, and Healthcare, we facilitate a platform rooted in the needs of South Africans, providing them representation in the marketplace and inclusion in the discussions.” – Start-up Founder, Siboniso Bophela at Open Dialogue

Increasing your product’s value

Data is a dynamic representation of a changing world, and if the world keeps changing (forever, and at an accelerating speed), there will be new requirements for descriptive analytics. Open Dialogue provides customer intimacy insights in real-time across devices to uncover the pain points in your product or service. 

Open Dialogue collaborates with clients to create a unique channel on its platform detailing your product and its importance to society. They offer collaboration spaces for companies, industries and communities to create their own content on the platform following guidelines, which gives your customers a unique space to discuss your product/service and its shortcomings. The data insights are pulled directly from the website to your unique dashboard where the results (feedback) can be accessed on demand. Open Dialogue will then at the end of the trial give you an ‘insights report’ comprising of statistical feedback, analytics chart and raw data input. The report is yours forever and will increase your products value by identifying the positives and negatives South Africans experience in your industry or with your product.

Benefits of using Open Dialogue:

  •      Functional – Data analytics from a caretaking and solutions-based community aimed at problem solving.
  •           Monetary – Data insights and market gaps that are focused on solving issues in specific industries.
  •      Psychological – Customers feel better about themselves when they can express their views and feel closer to your brand.
  •      Social connection – Community based engagement makes your brand part of the solutions and an active player in redressing issues in South Africa


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For more information on Open Dialogue’s MVP (minimal viable product) Product and Service:

Contact Name: Siboniso Bophela (Founder & CEO)

Phone number: 067 859 9461

Email: siboniso@opendialogue.co.za sbophela@opensa.co.za 

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